Here at T.A. Farms we till 1000 acres. We grow soybeans, corn, sorghum, barley, wheat, and hay. We also custom haul, harvest, plant and spray. We are a 5th generation farm and hope to continue the tradition forward for many generations. 

Once we harvest our wheat and barley we have straw for sale in small bales. 

We have about 200 acres of hay ground. A mixture of orchard grass, alfalfa, and timothy. Small bales and round bales are available 

The farming side of things

We raise cattle not only for meat but also for show. Cattle available for sale year round

We also do custom farming, if you need bailing, harvest, planting or spraying we are available

We grind our own feed here on the farm, for the animals

We grow about 850 acres of row crops ranging from corn, soybeans, milo, wheat, and barley.