The Palmer Family has been farming for over 70 years. We do a combination of field crops including corn, soybeans, rye, barley, wheat, and hay. We also provide custom farming services

We raise cattle for meat but also have a strand of show cattle. Our beef manager Brian Palmer hand selects and Artifically inseminates cattle. Cattle are available year round make sure you stop by to pick up your next herd starter.

"The All Natural Way"

Mum is the word. Come get your fall decorations at T.A. Farms. We grow over 30,000 mums and have options for retail and wholesale customers.

T.A. Farms LLC

We offer a wide variety of products in our retail store. This includes beef, turkey, pork, and lamb. Ice cream, nice cream, sorbet, candles, soaps, honey, jams and jellies. We also have bbq rubs and sauces. Hours of operation are Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-4